Fee Schedule

  1. Medical/psychological evaluation and preparatory session (2.25 hours): $450
  2. Medicine (ketamine) session (3 hours): $600
  3. Integration sessions (50 mins): $225
  4. ***Starting October 1st, 2022, prices for the initial preparatory session will increase to $500 and the initial medicine session will increase to $650 ***

Subsequent Individual Sessions

  1. Medicine (ketamine) session (2.5 hours): $500
  2. Integration sessions (50 mins): $225
  3. ***Starting October 1st, 2022, subsequent medicine sessions will cost $550***

Initial Group Sessions (up to 3 participants working with a physician and psychotherapist)

  1. Individual medical and psychological evaluation (1.50 hours): $300
  2. Group preparatory session (1.5 hours): $250
  3. Group medicine session (3 hours): $400
  4. Group integration sessions (1 hour): $150

Group Subsequent Sessions

Ketamine group session and integration session (4 hours): $525


Last minute cancellations (<24 hours notice) or missed appointments: $75

“Pay it Forward” Donation Fund, Insurance Coverage and Superbills

We have a pay it forward fund if you would like to make a donation and assist others with less financial resources to access our care. If you are in need of financial assistance, please ask us about this fund. We are not currently contracted with any insurance panels at this time, but that may change soon. However, we do provide a ‘superbill’ for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Though the medical/psychological evaluations, preparatory and integration sessions are likely to be covered, the actual medicine sessions (because they are “off-label”, will not be covered).